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There are three main stages in getting your web site up and away:

  1. Register Your Domain Name.
    Important step. Even if you don't have a site to put out there yet, get your name safe and secure. A .com.au name costs under $100 for 2 years. The name chosen should be derived from your company or business name.

  2. Organise web hosting.
    All this means is that you have to have someone with a web server to put your site on when it's done for all the world to see. This costs less than $200 per year including multiple email addresses, email forwarding, web statistics and lots of other useful stuff.

  3. Design and Build Your Site.
    This is the bit we're best at. Gather together everything you want to say on your web site, get your best pictues out, polish up your logo artwork, look at your competitor's sites and most of all, think about what you want your site to be and do. Who are you targeting? How do you want to present your business? The more clues you can give us, the quicker we can get something working for you.

    The cost for a small business site varies considerably and is impossible to say until we have some idea of what's needed and what there is to work with. You've got nothing to lose - get in touch and find out!

    After your site is up and running, we can also help with on-going site maintenance to update the content or add enhanced functionality as it's required. This way, your site stays fresh, ranks better with search engines and grows along with your business to better suit your needs.

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