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Carolyn Reid

Meet Carolyn Reid. As Managing Director of C.A.R. Productions, Carolyn has had over 25 years experience in television graphics and design. Her resume includes: Channel 7 News Graphics (pre computer days), Beyond 2000 series 1 and 2, founding Head of Video Graphics at ATN Channel 7 and also TV3 in Auckland when the Network was first established.

Following her successful launch for Quantel of Harriet in Australia in 1990, she went on to demonstrate, train and produce commercial work on both Harriet and HAL throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia for the next 5 years, also working on Quantel Harry and Editbox, before buying her own Harriets and Betacam SP equipment.

Featured in the AFTRS published book "Reel Women" and being the recipient of a number of awards, Carolyn's experience and ability can be a real asset to your web project.

Company Carolyn Reid Pty Ltd trading as
Address Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.
Phone Phone: (07) 5563-0075
Mobile Mobile: 0414 242-395
Email Email:car@carproductions.com.au

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