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Ferrari 512BB

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Front view - Blue Ferrari 512BB

Front view - Blue Ferrari 512BB

Behold the fine form of the Ferrari 512BB. The BB stands for Belinetta Boxer, meaning a horizontally opposed engine. The 512, as is Ferrari's style when naming models, indicates a 5 litre, 12 cylinder power plant.

Designed by Pinninfarinna, the body of this model varied little from it's predecessor, the 365 GT4/BB, with the exceptions of a wider rear end to accomodate the Michelin XWX 225/70 tyres, two sets of rear lights replacing the previous six, two double exhaust pipes and a discrete spoiler at the front.

Have a look at the rear view of a red 512 and find out more.

Original painting dimensions: 510mm x 760mm
Medium: airbrush - watercolour on Letramax 4000 board
Hours to paint: 50 hours

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