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Wayne Gardner

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Wayne Gardner winning the 1989 Phillip Island 500cc Grand Prix

Wayne Gardner winning 1989 Phillip Island 500cc GP

Commissioned by Motorart, this fine painting is now available as a Limited Edition print, each personally signed by Wayne Gardner and Carolyn Reid.

Before commencing the painting, some changes were suggested to the rather busy background it contained - the focus of the painting being Wayne himself and the bike. Grabbing the image into Paintbox allowed several ideas to be developed and approved before putting brush to canvas. There's nothing worse than spending that many hours on a painting, to get to the end and decide the background doesn't work!

Original painting dimensions: 610mm x 910mm
Medium: oil on canvas
Hours to paint: 120 hours over 3 months
Limited Edition print dimensions: 640mm x 900mm
Number of signed prints available: 500

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